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AbouT Divi Plumbers

Do you hate the idea of calling a plumber?  Wouldn’t you rather be treated with the utmost respect even if in a bind?  It’s rather frustraiting when you cal any type of business and get a recording.  The staff at EC Plumbing works together to make sure there is always someone ready to assist you.  Our staff will also be able to schedule a specific appointment time, not just a time-wasting window of time.  

If you have managed to have another plumber arrive for an appointment within a decent amount of time, could you recall if he was insulting or sloppy?  Did he smell like he had just been working in dirty sewer water?  Did he commit the biggest insult ever and charge y0ou a jaw dropping amount and act like it was in your best interest?

EC Plumbing is a locally owned and operating plumbing contractor.  With over 20 years of plumbing contractor experience we strive to satisfy your plumbing needs with a smile and quality work.  Please give us a call at 918-250-4545


Our Plumbing Services


emodeling your home can be a significant undertaking. While some people will choose to simply update their flooring, repaint their walls and install new cabinetry or other features, additional efforts may significantly improve the infrastructure of your home. Many remodeling projects require the professional services of skilled tradesmen, such as plumbers, to complete a number of important tasks.

Hot Water HEaters

If you own a home, you have a hot water heater. You probably don’t spend a lot of time thinking about your hot water heater, until one day you turn on the shower and the hot water doesn’t work. That’s when Rays Plumbing Services can help. Our professional plumbers and plumbing technicians are reliable, experienced and on call 24 hours a day to respond to your plumbing emergency.

Drain Cleaning

A plugged drain will likely be an unfortunate fact of life for most home owners at some point during the ownership of their home or business. If and when a clog occurs within the plumbing of your property, it would be nice to know that this problem will not occur again, anytime soon. We sympathize; which is why we offer a one-year, clog-free guarantee on jetting and camera.

Toilets & Faucets

ny type of toilet repair problem can cause a disgusting mess and easily ruin your day. From minor issues like a toilet that runs continuously to bigger issues like leaks that can cause serious structural damage in your bathroom, toilet problems should never be overlooked.

Sewer REpair

We provide a variety of sewer and drain services, including unclogging drains, repairing burst sewer lines, cleaning your sewage system, repairing damage done by tree roots, and digging your sewer line for you.

Gas Piping

Defective gas lines can cause some serious issues. It can affect your livelihood and deteriorate your health’s condition as well. It is important for you to keep an eye on the gas line to prevent any kinds of issues.

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